I had a lot of trouble with designing my resume. But as I went along I learned that getting everything you need to say is crucial before attempting the layout; you need to know how much content you have to work with. I don’t have too much professional experience in the illustration and design field, … More Résumé

Retro Words

  Lousie Fili is probably one of the greatest retro typographers around today. Trained under Herb Lubalin, she keeps true the to the retro aesthetics from the 20s and 30s. Her studio, Louise Fili Ltd, has done a lot of work for branding and food packaging. Her work is truly unique, and the many awards she had … More Retro Words

Super-Duper-Über GRAPHICS!

Post-modernism became popular during the late 70s and 80s. Combining historical references to past design aesthetics, post-modernism widely consisted of excess. Non-functional geometric flourishes and sometimes unconventionally paired pastel colours are also common attributes. But, what about the strange title of this blog? Super Graphics developed during this time of graphic excess as computers allowed … More Super-Duper-Über GRAPHICS!